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¡ Hola, Viesis !

Fifth Day


Cursillistas, who have passed away have started their "Fifth Day".

The Via de Cristo community would like to send their condolences to the relatives. We also would like to say thank you for their help in building up the VdC movement and the Church. Grant them eternal peace, O Lord, and may eternal light shine upon them. May they rest in peace.

  • Āboliņš Dainis LV3
  • Akmentiņa Ieva LV8
  • Brugman Helmut (ASV) IN36
  • Detraz Dick (ASV) IN3
  • Engdahl Owe (Zviedrija) LV/S1
  • Indriksone Rasma LV5
  • Kārkls Jānis IN40
  • Makāns Olafs LV14
  • Nolle Ervīns IN36
  • Pētersons Vilnis LV4
  • Ūdris Jānis LV11
  • Zandere Aina LV4
  • Zirnis Aivars LV1
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